Who is Shraddha Gupta? 

A Fashion Journalist by profession and a passionate traveler at all times – not working. A believer, a creative thinker, blogger, writer, foodie and social media addict – because what would life be, if we had no way to document it before it ends? Living the priceless gift they call ‘life’ everyday, and sharing my experiences with the world through my Travel & Culture blog – StreetTrotter.

What brings me and my blog to BOSTON UNIVERSITY? 


Times Of India, NRI CONTRIBUTOR: TOI is one of India’s very few news sites that provide a comprehensive coverage of stories about NRIs, as the Indian diaspora is always looking for ways to keep in touch with India, Indians and among themselves. Being one of them, I have been a regular NRI contributor for this section, talking about my experiences and feelings as an NRI, along with the unique life and culture of staying in America. Below are the links to the published articles:

Tete a tete with Lakshmi Egappan, speech therapist in Texas

Super Bowl 2015 v/s In Retrospect: “We are united in our Differences”

The Journey, Visiting back home

Why social media matters for NRIs?

The ‘face of Indian fashion’ abroad

‘Amusing conversations’ one can’t escape being an NRI

Confessions of an NRI bride: The first few months

CanadianTraveller Magazine: “Why Volunteer while Travel”? My personal experience of volunteering with the LHA Charitable Trust organization in Mcloedganj, India – a month long sabbatical from work that was spent wisely teaching English to the Tibetans-in-Exile.


My thoughts for ‘Dear girls of the World’ – LET’S CELEBRATE CHANGE, TRAVEL AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN INDIA on P.S. I am on my way.


To know a little more about the ‘Traveler’ side of me, you can check out a little interview of mine at Lunchex.co as their ‘Human of Wanderlust’:


A little about my life as an EXPAT, and all the advice that I can give you from my experience on A Modern Girls Travels:



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