Indian Journalism: ‘A New-Media Power Chaos’

Social media, blogs and citizen journalists have taken over Indian journalism by storm. The news and controversies that unfolded within India in 2015, has left the nation divided with strong opinions. Not only is the public retorting in disappointment, but the media is continuing to fall apart in standards, distorting facts and presenting falsely sensationalized stories, to attract more than ever commercial attention. This is the age of a raging ‘media chaos’ in Indian journalism.

It all started on a revolutionary note, when the ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case of 2012, became a national movement, with both the media and the public acting as one united voice. Social platforms and media coverage brought the entire country together, fighting for justice and safety for women. This marked the rise of ‘New-Media’ in India. A media, that had the power to shake the government, challenge the lawmakers, and stood hand-in-hand with the people.

Creative by Shraddha Gupta; Content source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

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